This Deck is my attempt at an aggressive/burn/card draw/on cast effect deck. With the surprising amount of synergy this deck offers, you can easily extend your power ramp into late game while still having a significant disruption effect in the early turns. With the addition of Confiscation Coup, what you can't burn down you can confiscate.

This deck isn't all about burning indiscriminately. It's about making tactical decisions about using your mana to ramp your burn potential or to handle the immediate threat.

This deck is based on, "on cast effect" and lighting baby!

The only real weaknesses this deck seems to have are opponent enchantments and Hexproof.

Card Breakdown: Thriving Turtle, ohh boy she's a beauty. 1 drop with ramp and toughness till midgame, and Energy! Makes the energy concept viable. Without the turtle, this deck couldn't exist.

Dynavolt Tower, This essentially adds just over 1 damage to every cast effect for instant/sorceries. While not all that much, the fact that it is stored as energy and the multiple ways for you to use energy truly make it shine. Now that Confiscation Coup can steal up to 6 cmc, or your Harnessed Lightning can burn for 5 instead of three. Maybe you just want to use the energy to continue to ramp your turtle? Very often I'll start with a turn 1 0/3 Thriving Turtle and finish the game with a 5/8 turtle. The Tower allows for near seemless power ramp.

Stormchaser Mage, Early game aggression, pure and simple. Flying, prowess, haste. The three toughness lets you handle those early 2/1 turn ones while still allowing poke.

Staggershock, The Rebound double cast effect is the winner here. It's a burn spell with the potential to trigger Guttersnipe/Dynavolt Tower/Tablet of the Guilds/Stormchaser Mage/Trail of Evidence twice. While 3 mana for 4 damage isn't too bad in and of itself, the limitation hits with the damage coming spread out over two turns. Still though, when one card fits your main mechanic, burn, and still synergizes with so many other cards. It's a no brainer.

Confiscation Coup, If you can't turn it into a smoking crater why not have it join you? Wait, ARTIFACTS TOO!!!! NO WAY! AND WHATS THAT, MORE ENERGY SYNERGY!!!!!! Mind Blown I kid, but you get me.

Glimmer of Genius, Card draw and Energy Theme, can't say no. it's good to have an instant level card draw for those times where you hold off on the bolt till the end of your opponent's turn but they don't cast any creature for you to target. Why burn when you can ramp?

Tablet of the Guilds, Normally this isn't the best life gain card and who would put in a life gain card in a burn deck anyways? Wellllllllll, no joke, because of how many on cast triggers this deck has, if you put down a turn 2 Tablet, you will more often than not get 20+ life out of it. Again, the synergy is just too hard to ignore.

Guttersnipe, This is where a lot of your player damage will come from. An unanswered Guttersnipe will essentially win you the game, also potentially turn an entire table against you. Beware this card in multiplayer, expect table aggro when played, be prepared.

Lightning Bolt, The only real synergy in this card is the cheap damage combined with Harness the Storm Luckily the card is that good itself. Plus, theme-wise it's swicked.

Harnessed Lightning, Currently the only Energy Based burn spell I'm aware of. I could go on and on about the versatility of this card but it really only shines in an energy deck. Lucky for us, that's exactly what we're building. The shinnanigans can be insane. With a few of your ramps out, Dynavolt Tower, Harness the Storm, the power to cost ratio can be fun.

Trail of Evidence, Essentially this is your go to card draw. One of these out will guarantee you'll never run out of cards. The whole deck is designed to incorporate the added 2 cmc card draw cost. If everything is so cheap already, you're much more likely to be able to spend the 2 mana to keep your hand flush with options.

Goblin Electromancer, Cost reduction is usefull, but not horribly so in this deck. As most spells are cheap already, cost reduction only really shines in a few ways. First, if you can reduce the cost of spells enough, you can afford to sacrifice the clue tokens generated from Trail of Evidence. Second, Harness the Storm shines with cost reduction. Being able to pull off a double Confiscation Coup, usually only possible with the Electromancer out, is a beautiful thing.

Bedlam Reveler, Synergy Synergy Synergy, this is your hail mary card draw. If we didn't have so many instants/sorceries in this deck I wouldn't add it but with this in your hand you can confidently dump your burn spells.

blue red energy

Looking for suggestions for instants, early game creatures or when instant/sorceries or cast effects. Also looking for suggestions on any possible mana ramp without breaking existing synergy.

Thanks for taking the time.


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