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Izzet Really Another Goblin Deck?

Casual Goblins U/R (Izzet)



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So the idea is to pump out Goblin tokens, both with spells like Krenko's Command and Hordeling Outburst , then with Krenko, Mob Boss. Goblin Electromancer makes it one red for 2 1/1 goblins (2/2, haste when Goblin Chieftain is on the battlefield). Coat of Arms creates some fun and epic overkills.

Guttersnipe allows me to deal some damage, especially late in the game (it needed). In late-game, Battle Hymn can get scary, especially when combined with Past in Flames. Distant Melody allows me to draw into the cards I need once I get a little mana. It also combines well with Battle Hymn.

I've played this deck as is quite a bit and it runs well. Every once and a while I get into trouble with the wrong color of mana, but very rarely, and less since I added Battle Hymn. Once I get the last few cards, it should run closer to what I want, with Past in Flames and Distant Melody both becoming consistent threats.

Comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


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