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Guttersnipes' Slinging Spells!

Standard* Budget Burn Tempo U/R (Izzet)


Since we are a spell slingin' deck, of coarse we're going to need lots of spells! This deck wants to be throwing multiple spells, once we have any of our pinging creatures out. Yep, we plan to win via smacking them in the dome! Using their triggered abilities, Electrostatic Field and Guttersnipe easily churn out damage while you net value and tempo from the very spell that triggered them. This is intended to be more of a tempo burn deck, so keep that in mind.

I'll explain my choices and # below.

Radical Idea - replacin gAnticipate as we get two triggers from this card which works much better with the Guttersnipe and Electrostatic Field, bonus being the jump-start mechanic it gives us.

Banefire - An alternate win condition, discounting it and throwing a big fireball usually finishes the job, gives the deck some controllable (read: able to determine the burn damage) reach in the later game. Uncounterable is what gave it the slot. Plus its fun with a flipped Primal Amulet  Flip but thats a bit win more at that point. (Or maybe you need it?)

Blink of an Eye - classic bounce with the extra kick of having, well, kicker. Not much to say but its nice having the extra draw while throwing your opponent back a turn, or bouncing it to then counter the next time they play it.

Chemister's Insight - a great jump start card, triggers our pingers twice and makes our dead draws relevant. Whats not to love here?

Ionize - an easy to cast hard counter which burns them as well? Yes!

Lava Coil - need some spot removal and Lava Coil looks like the best candidate moving into a potentially graveyard heavy standard. Plus 4 damage tends to be the magic number.

Lightning Strike - more removal, with the bonus of being able to hit players.

Opt - filtering and draw, a cantrip which is very nice with our pingers. a solid 1 drop spell.

Risk Factor - i love this card, no matter what stage in the game, we are happy with either option, and for that reason, i cut down the set to 3 giving us a total of 6 'copies' in the deck! It feels like it was made for this deck.

Shock more spot removal. Also can hit the dome for 5 with both creatures out!

Electrostatic Field - does double shift as an early wall to take aggressive decks a bit, and incremental pinging. A key card in surviving in this deck.

Guttersnipe - the other key card to this deck working, 2 damage per spell cast racks up veeeeery quick. You'll want to try and save some spells so you can get the most value for when Guttersnipe hits the field.

Primal Amulet  Flip - Another discount card but with the bonus of being an artifact, which can make it harder to remove in game 1, and very easy to flip. Once flipped, all our spells are doubled essentially which tends to clean up the game very shortly after that. Nice, but i feel 1 copy is appropriate. Feel free to drop this for Goblin Electromancer if you like.

Detection Tower since we dont want hexproofers at all, or a pesky Shalai, Voice of Plenty preventing us from dealing damage directly, i feel this card is perfect for taking them down. Or any other hexproofer which is problematic.

2x Disdainful Stroke = For the midrange decks and countering larger spells that we might not be able to burn out.

3x Dive Down = Spot removal survival! Very cheap and can save our creatures from a board wipe if need be.

1x Cosmotronic Wave = token control mostly.

2x Murmuring Mystic = Bring in for mirror and other more aggressive decks to have a big body and produce tokens.

2x Deafening Clarion = why we are splashing white, the deck needed a bigger boardwipe and i feel this is good for us. Open to suggestions.

2x Crackling Drake = Also for the mirror or more creature heavy decks to get some reach. X/4 gets pretty high and at the very least, replaces itself with a card.

2x Spell Pierce = for aggro early decks, or combo decks.

3x Fight with Fire = for those creatures that are a bit too big for us to remove on our own.


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