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Izzet Delver 6/17



My Izzet Delver build for June 2017. Note that the Condescends in this list are likely bad, and should just be Mana Leaks. I'm trying out Condescend and Censor in those slots, to try to increase the deck's ability to Just Draw Bolts(TM). More details and lists can be found at MattPlaysMagic.Wordpress.Com (search on the U/R Delver tag).

Changes from the last list: - Roasts (stuff is too big for them to matter at this point), + Spell Snare and Vapor Snag (get rid of them 'Goyfs), - Turn//Burn and Gitaxian Probes (too much mana often, and banned, respectively) + Sleight of Hands and Vendilion Clique (more cantrips and one extra threat), - Mana Leak +Condescend (experimenting, likely wrong. Condescend is high risk, high reward.)


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