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The reason this deck is called Fake Storm is because all of the card draw, burn, and Epic Experiment/Guttersnipe combo give you a little sensation of a Storm deck.

So let me explain this deck a little more.

The reason I think this could be a good deck is:

  1. Has a card draw engine in Mercurial Chemister/Quicken. Also all of your cards in your hand are now burn for creatures

  2. Has removal - You think you are running all this burn for no reason?

  3. Plays Counters

These are all the good aspects to any deck out there today. I think this deck is place very well in the standard meta right now. With all the Mono U/Mono B Devotion decks, all the control decks, and even against some mid range decks. So lets go over some game plans against these decks.

Game Plans:

Devotion/Aggro decks - Main Board - As soon as you see a island, mountain, or plains played first in the meta right now all I can think is some kind of aggro. Anything from Mono U to White Weenies. Against all aggro decks I think this deck has the best match up. Usually there are no counters in any aggro decks. So here is the plan.

  1. Burn what you can - There is many points to this. First being devotion. You don't want them to have any kind of devotion whether it be white, blue, or red. Anything dealing with devotion can hurt that's why you take care of that right away. This is different for something like G/W Aggro. You still want to burn everything thing you can just be cauious of the turn 4 advent. Leave up dispel/counter flux/izzet charm mana.

  2. Get guttersnipe out turn 3 - This is by far the best thing to do against any aggro deck with no counters/burn aka Mono U, Weenie, and even G/W. Then the plan is to go off. No matter what you are playing, they are getting hit for 2. Quicken just now a shock that draws a card.

Sideboard Aggro:

  1. Izzet Staticaster - Everyone hates the card for some reason. When you have another card that can block a Prescient Captain then burn a Daring Skyjek you let me know. Same goes for red with a Ash Zealot and Firefist Striker. Oh you made a bunch of master of wave tokens? Where did they go? Card is good, and used in more matches then this.

  2. Anger of the gods - This is good against mostly any aggro deck. Add quicken to the mix and they never expect it.

  3. Cyclonic Rift - This card is just amazing. Everyone already knows this.

Now that we are done with aggro lets move to the Control matchup.

Control Decks(U/W, Esper, Mono B, etc):

  1. Hit them in the face with everything you can - Every single burn spells you have is going to hit them in the face. Save Guttersnipe for when you have mana for a counter on the same turn so he does not get countered/destroyed. If they let him resolve the worst thing that is going to happen is they go to kill him you counter(hitting them for 2), then they have another kill spell in hand.

  2. Save the skullcracks - This is for obvious reason aka Sphinx revelation. They go to Sphinx's at any time, hit them with one of these. Same with a blood baron attacking.

Sideboard for control:

  1. Izzet Staticaster - This thing is so good. Oh you have a pack rat/Elspeth soldiers?. IT'S A WRATH TOO!

  2. Ral Zarek - I believe this guy is so good to use in this match up. He can provide reach. I ulted him a couple of times against control. Usually get about 3 turns. But let's be honest, he is mainly there for reach

  3. Mizzium Skin - I think this card is great for this match up. They can't Detention Sphere your guys, plus it now makes it that much harder to get rid of your threats, Not to mention it is a now a shock that gives you hexproof.

  4. Cyclonic Rift - This card is mainly for the detention spheres/blood barons. It could return all permanents back to the owners hand but that really isn't that useful here

  5. Mortars - Assume they are siding in Blood Baron.

Now let's move onto mid range

Mid Range:

Now I must say, this is the decks worst match up I feel. They have such big creatures that your burn can't hit unless two-for-oneing yourself. Now for this, we have to just go all out.


  1. Hit them with everything - there is no midrange deck running counters. Kill them, kill them quick.

  2. Save ounters for anything you can - They are going to try to kill your creatures usually with a Mortars or Polukronos. Counter both of them when they arise.

  3. Never block - There is no reason to lose something of value that could win you the game.


  1. Mizzium Skin - If you are worried about the mortars/polukronos, then side this in. Otherwise, you can leave this one out. Just remember that it does deal 2 damage when Guttersnipe is on the field.

  2. Mizzum Mortars - This is good for a 4 damage board whipe. Though this may not kill a lot, they could have something like a Stormbreath Dragon it is good for.

  3. Cyclonic Rift - Anything you can't deal with. Give it back to them.

All in all I think this deck is positioned well in the Meta of today. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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