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First of all, I just want to say I am a very inexperienced magic player. Only been playing the game for about a month. This deck is my first attempt at a Izzet style deck that is designed to one shot my opponent at around turn 6 or 7. I have already won with this deck in casual play (non FNM) against other casual decks of this nature. I would greatly appreciate any criticism or feed back to make this deck FNM worthy. At the moment it is currently a silly budget deck with some potential.

Ok let me start with the basic strategy around this deck.1. Get a defender2. Buy time3. Get a wall of defenders4. Blast of Genius + Enter the Infinite5. Swing defender wall for the win.6. ???7. Profit

In English: This deck is designed to give me enough time to stall to get both Blast of Genius, and Enter the Infinite in my Hand at the same time. Cast BoG and discard ETI for 12 damage to the player, then swing with everything which is usually a couple fluxchargers, a couple nivix cyclops and whatever else for the win.

I am looking for ways to make this deck more reliable, although, I am not versed enough in all the cards to know how to do this, which is why I am asking all of you.

  • The Saruli Gatekeepers are in this deck to give life and buy more time by defending

  • The Mercurial Chemisters are in the deck as a way to draw more cards, or for panic creature removal.

  • The Thoughtflares are in the deck to help cycle through the deck to make sure I have a BoG and ETI, but also as emergency fodder for Mercurial Chemister.

That being said, I feel the Mercurial Chemister is the weak link in the deck currently.


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