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IZ this the new Burn ?





The initial fun premise of the deck is to run like real burn but to filter everything through Guttersnipe.I know the concept has been done to death but add Epic Experiment to the dome and voila! Burn to the player direct + burn via guttersnipe.I especially made sure that all the burn spells are less than 3 mana so that I can cast as early as turn 5. All that needs doing is to protect my assets. Unfortunately this lowly goblin cannot evade by himself so a bunch of counter spells and a readily made to measure size 2 Mizzium Skin is there for him to wear. His accountant/cousin Goblin Electromancer can make the spells cheaper to purchase. Because of everybodys input we have devised the Blistercoil Weird with Dual Casting + cast Epic Experiment spells that is compounded while Guttersnipe is watching.This means that the burn cost is only coming from the initial epic experiment and the blistercoil weird tapping (because he untaps every time) for the dual cast. All the spells the experiment pulls is for free and all the guttersnipe burn damage is of course always for free (even the Dissipate burns!) . As always comments, suggestions and violent reactions welcome. Happy playing to all!ry


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I am absolutely blown away with the camaraderie and the spirit of community here at TAPPED OUT.. You can take a mediocre idea of a deck and with the kindness of people lending their time to playtest and input make it one that is decent and playable .

Again I will reiterate, this deck is not one you should bring into competitive tournaments (I sure won't bring it in my tournament play! ) but it is the type of deck that drew a lot of us initially into MAGIC. A fun, cross your fingers type of combo that make you "giggle like a girl when it hits" deck . Because its not about how you crushed everybody in your FNM or how you're trying to build a deck with all your of Jace's version with your apha lands. A lot of people do forget that MAGIC is still played in a lot of school benches, homes table tops and where ever mats can be laid down and that the most fun memory you have is when you discuss the 'what if' combinations with friends. That is what this community is all about , this deck is a product of all those people making 'what if ' comments and encouragements. Its a hundred times better than when first devised it. There are a lot of games it loses miserably but now it does win. And when it wins, it wins in an absolutely epic fashion. For that I absolutely thank you guys. I hope I can still count on you to help me in my future builds. Happy playing!

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