Tester deck that will likely undergo several changes as the meta adjusts. Trying out UR control in Ixalan, simply because I was playing UR Control prior to rotation and want to see if it's still viable, and if not I sure as hell am going to try to make it so.





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Thank you all for the suggestions! Even if I don't take your suggestions in consideration, it is always helpful to make me second guess my choices, or to hear a different opinion so long as you give me a reason behind your suggestions :)

I also played quite a few games on MTGO, and while I don't feel confident enough to enter any leagues, the changes sure helped make the deck win a few more games than it did on my first draft; so let's talk about a couple of the changes shall we?

1) First off I want to point out that just because I included Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh it does not mean this is going to becomea Grixis deck. It is staying a UR Control deck, it's just that the mana simply allows me to cast a card that requires 1 black mana. Does that mean I might consider including one or two black cards in the SB? Maybe, but not likely.

2) I have thought about using Dragonskull Summit and Drowned Catacomb as alternatives to their cycle counterparts, but I don't think they work as well in this deck. I just need to generate a single black source and more often than not Aether Hub can do that for me, which then allows me to just cycle out the lands at a point in the game where they would be dead draws.

3) I really like Opt, it is an amazing early fixer, and not something completely terrible to top deck into; however, I am starting to feel like this is much MUCH better suited for either a tempo deck, or a three/four color deck that need help with hitting all the right lands early on. In this deck I feel like going back to Censor is a much better idea.

4) Last but not least, I might have overdone it with 3 mainboard copies of Sweltering Suns, and I might just cut back to 2 in the main.

Deck still has plenty of room for improvement, so as always all feedback is very much appreciated!


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