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Ixalan Block Grixis Pirate Tribal - Treasures

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The pirates looked like the easiest tribe to meme in Ixalan besides the dinosaurs, and I pulled a lot of pirates when I got a box, so I made this Pirate Tribal deck. It is tricolor (I know, terrible already), but Treasure Tokens can be sacked for any color of mana... which fixes some tricolor problems. The deck isn't terribly focused, but there are a two main win conditions. First of all is getting out enough treasure that either Revel in Riches triggers or the Deadeye Plunderers become massive. The second is simply dealing enough unblockable damage that you kill opponents, supplemented by the Lighting Rig Crew's tapping for 1 damage each time you play a pirate. The deck is completely modern legal (I think), and by removing the Vault Skirge and the Dismal Backwater it can also be standard legal (I think, again).


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