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Oh, to flip or not to flip. That is never the question!

This is my Izzet coin-flipping artificer deck, total insanity. I built a coin flip deck back in the day Mannichi Up that's janky as all hell, I think it's hilarious and can be fun, but it's not very good. This deck I wanted to be a tad more reliable, and I think it is. Let's go over what these guys want to do, and what this deck wants to do for them.

Okaun, Eye of Chaos and Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom are great commanders for coin flipping, passive upside every combat step and free coin-flip outlets, what more could a boy want? Okaun obviously wants to swing for big damage, and Zndrsplt wants to supply him with the cards that let him do that. Let's take a look at some of the main categories of effects I've included in here:

  • 1.) Thumb Shenanigans

Krark's Thumb is obviously one of the best cards in this deck, that's why we've seen such an aggressive spike since our commanders were previewed. This deck has an artificer sub-theme specifically because of this great card, that makes our flips so much more powerful. Let's see exactly what we can do with it. I think it's important to mention right off the bat that Krark's Thumb is a legendary artifact, this is important because we're gonna want to copy it. For this reason, let's ponder Mirror Gallery. This is a card that I've always found interesting, but never knew what to do with it. It's necessary in this deck. Being able to have more than one thumb is honestly so broken, so let's see how we're gonna break the game. Prototype Portal and Mirrorworks do a pretty good job at making us thumbs for cheap. Sculpting Steel just enters as a thumb, contingent on us having Mirror Gallery. Mirage Mirror and Phyrexian Metamorph are both amazing utility cards and can also be a thumb. Mechanized Production is a win-con and an amazing card in the interim. Stolen Identity is another good utility card, albeit a bit fragile and circumstantial. One of my favorite combos has to be Ensoul Artifact on your thumb and then Helm of the Host to make another one every turn. Just too funny.

  • 2.) Tutors

We want tutors in this deck, and the reason is pretty obvious. Our combos are janky as hell, and also we reliably want access to Krark's Thumband Mirror Gallery, among other things at any given time. Muddle the Mixture is a great utility card that can either be a counterspell or a tutor for your thumb! Gamble is an obvious include, Whir of Invention is maybe a bit expensive, but why not? Fabricate does the thing, Tezzeret the Seeker tutors for us as well as doing other things that are good. Hoarding Dragon gives us some aerial advantage as well as holding something for us until our opponents get rid of him. Finally Inventors' Fair gives us a little extra land-based utility.

  • 3.) Okaun Optimization

Okaun is one of the easiest win-cons we have in this deck, because he's a huge beater than can just one hit people pretty easily, let's see what all we can do with his brute force. Unblockable is always a powerful effect, but especially so if all it takes is one attack to knock someone out Whispersilk Cloak makes this super easy Rogue's Passage is pretty good too. Let's take a look at extra combat steps, I think this is one of the more powerful effects in this deck. Firstly, because our commander's effects trigger at the beginning of combat, and secondly because we want to maximize the amount of damage we can do with Okaun. World at War Savage Beating Aggravated Assault and Combat Celebrant all let us do the thing. Ruthless Invasion essentially just makes our whole board unblockable. Fireshrieker makes Okaun just do that much more damage. Finally Elemental Mastery allows you to go very wide instead of tall, gives you some options.

  • 4.) Zndrsplt's Time To Shine

The card draw that we get from our other commander is certainly very good just in and of itself, and I didn't want to spend too much time trying to maximize his usefulness but I did add in a couple cards that I think are notable in the sense that they make his very good effect that much better. Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and Psychosis Crawler will quickly do plenty of damage to you opponents, and become a huge nuisance.

Now, you've probably noticed that I didn't touch on coin-flipping at all haha, it's the point of the deck but I feel like those cards are all pretty obvious in what they're doing for me, either facilitating coin-flips to get value form my commanders or giving me value in and of themselves. I might make another paragraph in the future touching on coin-flipping. Anyway, that's all she wrote! Any feedback is appreciated, thanks for reading!


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