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It's the Maze's Endgame now

Commander / EDH*


The entirety of the deck is essentially using land based ramp to win with a Scapeshift into the gates you need to win the game. The deck also utilizing plenty of land based synergies and alternate win conditions for when Scapeshift doesn't get there on its own. I also tried to include plenty of powerful draw effects such as Rhystic Study or Jace Beleren to draw into tutors, Scapeshift , or alternate win conditions such as Omnath, Locus of Rage .

As many ramp decks are, if you don't draw your bombs, you end up with 12 lands and nothing to do with them, which is why I tried to utilize cheap ramp and spells that draw several cards over time instead of just one or two. The need for a threat once you hit plenty of lands is why I chose to play Progenitus over other 5 color commanders.

The only other notable thing I feel is important to mention is how you can win the same turn you play Scapeshift , (condisering Maze's End enters tapped. Deserted Temple and Satyr Wayfinder both serve to untap Maze's End post Scapeshift , and certain ramp cards such as Pir's Whim and Hour of Promise allow you to tutor for scapeshift so you can have it untapped already when you cast Scapeshift and sacrifice 10 other lands.

Overall this deck isn't highly competitive, but seems reasonable powerful and is overall just a ton of fun to play. Any suggestions or comments are highly appreciated and welcome.


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