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It's not my fault, it's yours - Sackless Teysa EDH

Commander / EDH* Casual Theme/Gimmick WB (Orzhov)



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This deck is perfect for those special souls who love to watch their opponents furrow their brows in frustration during the attack phase as they sit back with a smug expression on their face. Your goal in a game with this deck is simple, at no point should your opponent look at at a single creature on your board and see an advantageous result come out of removing it. This deck intentionally features absolutely no sac outlets, for this reason every single creature death will be and is your opponents fault. Therefore they must face the choice multiple times throughout the game to either ignore your board and go somewhere else, or attack into it knowing that in doing so they are responsible for every death trigger that will make it even harder to attack next time. Protecting Teysa is top priority for you as she is the only creature in your deck that your opponents will have no reason not to kill. Of course, cards that exile and remove creatures through other means then destruction are an evident weakness to this type of reactive play style, remember to try to play around those paths and avoid those plowshares. This is by no means a competitive deck but is very fun to play nonetheless and offers your opponents many unique situations to work with which is in my opinion, the hallmark of an excellent causal edh deck. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment down and give your opinions down below!


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