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Its like group hug, but everyone is on a merry-go-round and they are nauseous and want to get off.

A run-of-the-mill group-hug themed deck, but because of the red in our colour identity, might as well throw in some janky red goodness. Along with that, I've paired it up with some more blue jank too, and want to confuse and amaze some people at the table.

The game plan is easy - help everyone out at the table, and try to set yourself up to avoid taking damage (Propaganda, Ghostly Prison, etc.) and also use your silver tongue to convince others to look the other way. Casting your commander ASAP is a good idea if you want to make quick friends.

The deck never had a real win condition besides milling (see Laboratory Maniac), until Approach of the Second Sun came out. Now the group hug can just win without hassle. Easy way to set this up is by casting it, getting a draw effect like Prosperity for at least 7, and casting it again for the win. Of course, this is the dream play for only 22 mana, but because it's effect works when being CAST, the spell doesn't need to resolve to win the game.

Of course, when that doesn't happen and you really don't want to win, the red mana in our colour identity lets us play stupid chaos cards. Planar Chaos is a personal favourite, and you can definitely just switch out the different cards and swap them for personal favourites, but I chose these for my go-to table flippers.

(pro tip, don't run Grip of Chaos unless you have a spare few hours to watch spells resolve)


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