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It's Cool That You Can Play Dragons In Standard




A dragon deck in a frites/Heartless Summoning shell. Pretty sweat that dragons can be played in standard. Not sure about the mana base though.


Doing some cleaning.

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Wabbbit says... #1

Yes! Slaughter Games is perfect! Thanks!

September 29, 2012 8:31 a.m.

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This deck is not Standard legal.

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Illegal cards Archwing Dragon , Balefire Dragon , Blood Crypt , Cavern of Souls , Dragonskull Summit , Dreadbore , Faithless Looting , Heartless Summoning , Moonveil Dragon , Ring of Valkas , Slumbering Dragon , Thundermaw Hellkite , Unburial Rites , Utvara Hellkite , Bonfire of the Damned , Pillar of Flame , Pithing Needle , Rakdos Charm , Slaughter Games
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