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It's beginning to look a lot like grixis

Commander / EDH



It's beginning to look a lot like Grixis

Unnnnnndead ev'rywhere

A Blightning gets cast to your face

And Bolas blows up your Jace

Through the smells of rotted flesh and burning haaaiiiiir

It's beginning to look at lot like Grixis

With Zoooooooombie As-sass-ins!

Thrax makes them sac in attacks

Crumbling Necropolis has your back

And Slave of Bolas just threw Baneslayer in the biiiiiiin

If you play a Jund hack and they Blightning right back

You Swerve it back into their dome.

Polymorph has no chance 'gainst your Terminate dance

Now their Emrakul ain't got a home

Control and burn with a late-game turn, plus Unearth for your Life from the Loam

It's beginning to look a lot like Grixis

On turn seeeevvvvven they succuuummmb

Double blue, triple black, double red,

And your enemies' faces turn red

At your Crrrruuuueeeel Ulllltimatuuuuuum!


This deck is my baby, it was my first EDH and so far its the deck I have kept together the longest. 1v1 the deck does amazingly, it quickly sets its mana base to cast any spell in my hand. Any hand with less than 3 mana sources gets muli-ed away. I'm slowly trying to turn this deck into a super friends style control.

In multiplayer games I struggle a little bit more especially if they have been up against it before because the table gangs up on me to take me out before my first board wipe. My basic stradegy for multiplayer games is to make early friends with draw spells.

Most games I have one by building a superior defense and swinging with my general but I have been known to "pop" Jace, the Mind Sculptor or bounce fields with blizzard scpector armies.

While Thraximundar is listed as my general I only use him for 1v1 because he has a tendancy to generate agro against me in multiplayer. I switch to Garza Zol, Plague Queen for multiplayer games because she is less threatening and she not only grows bigger with each creature she kills but also gives me card advantage if they let her go through. The only time I use Nicol Bolas is when I am playing against a deck that I know I can beat with out using my general or to give myself a challenge.


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