Lifegain is annoying!

Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant , to quickly ramp your life total up.

Norin the Wary - Interesting interaction between him and the soul sisters mentioned above, and helps with the fellow mentioned below...

Ajani's Pridemate to act as beatsticks, or blockers. Gets big rather quickly too.

Serra Ascendant and Figure of Destiny as cheap drops to fuel life gain and also become bigger creatures that can do some damage.

Wall of Reverence for blocking, and also for end-step life gain. Also, massive synergy with the pridemates....

Felidar Sovereign for a cheeky win, or as another blocker with life link and vigilance to boot.

Ghostly Prison to halt your opponents tempo.

Ajani Goldmane to provide more life, or to create a huge creature. Also provides an alternative target for your opponent

Emeria, The Sky Ruin for late game graveyard shenanigans.

Martyr of Sands for great early game life gain.

Genesis Chamber this card has great synergy with the high number of cheap drops, as well as Norin the Wary coming in and out of play. It fuels a frightening amount of life gain, and provides lots of blockers against aggro.

Comments appreciated.


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