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It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, It...Just Killed Me

Commander / EDH Aggro Angels Demons Dragons RBW (Mardu)


When I was but a wee lad who has been on this Earth for 20 calendars, I was taught how to play EDH for the first time by a group of friends. One of the those friends, the illustrious Revolution221, played a deck helmed by Ms. Kaalia of the Vast. That deck inspired both nightmares full of death by Angels, Demons, and Dragons and dreams of one day perhaps commanding my own army with the help of Kaalia.

2 years later, that day has arrived.

This is my first time building a Kaalia deck, so any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated as always. Thanks, and may all of your creatures soar over the heads of your opponents!


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