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Modern Artifact Mono-Blue Tron


DOOM who pulls the strings.

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Tron is a toolbox archetype, set to give you basically all the answers you need, when you need them. Fundamentally different than the X variants, which tend to focus on getting Tron assembled as fast as possible, this takes its time, and grinds out the opponent.

Always playing one step ahead, we eventually unleash a hardlock via Mindslaver and and Academy Ruins with Tron assembled. This will continually take control of your opponent's next turn.

The Sideboard tech focuses on answering as many threats as we can anticipate: Spatial Contortion - creature removal

Spreading Seas - vs Burn, Mirror matches, Valakut, etc.

Chalice of the Void - any low-to-the-ground decks.

All Is Dust - mass board wipe

Surgical Extraction - combo decks

Thought-Knot Seer - hand extraction and extra beaters

Engineered Explosives - great vs creature decks.


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