I've always said that because my last name is Miller. I must play Mill. This is my alternate test deck. With this version I'm focusing on Archive Trap. The original is Mill Thrill This deck is not a Top Tier Winall. I'm working on that. Any suggestions are welcome. I will reply as soon as I can. Thank you for the view! Good luck and enjoy!!!


- Turn 1
Hedron Crab
Is it getting crabby in here? Or is that just me. Get this bad boy out fast. His effect racks up quick. I suggest only blocking with him if you're going below 10 health, or past turn 3. The Fetch/Shock lands are in here to boost this guy's landfall.

- Turn 2
Mesmeric Orb / Glimpse the Unthinkable
I like to get Mesmeric Orb out as fast as I can. It can either be underestimated. Or cause some panic. The self Mill can actually benefit you as well. With Mission Briefing, Visions of Beyond.

- Turn 3
Fraying Sanity / Mind Funeral
Fraying Sanity to sets up for the finish. Double up the Mill Power! Mind Funeral if you don't have Fraying. Clears out the opponents lands while taking a chunk from them. This also opens up some prey for Surgical Extraction.

- Turn 4
Mission Briefing/Visions of Beyond
On this turn you have a few choices that are just situational. Mission Briefing if you're out of Mill cards in your hand. The same goes for Visions of Beyond As long as you can fully benefit from it. Be careful not to us this card to early in game. Otherwise you may be able to just use two Mill cards this turn.


Ghost Quarter
Great if they have only one Multi-color land to generate a specific color. Same with if they have only one of a specific land. Great early game to throw them off balance. The extra benefit. Is if they fall for it. They may search their Deck. Which triggers Archive Trap.

Field of Ruin
Good to clear out dual lands or to starve the other players of certain colors of mana. This card also can trigger the landfall of your Hedron Crab and make Archive Trap cost nothing.

Archive Trap
A heavy hitter. Anytime the opponent searches their Deck. Cast this card. Can be triggered with Field of Ruin,Ghost Quarter, and Path to Exile.

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds
You can cause Landfall for the Hedron Crab almost every turn with this late game. Fun fact is you can use the mana generated with it then just play it again if you haven't played a land that turn.

Polluted Delta/Flooded Strand
Use these two to fetch Watery Grave, or Hallowed Fountain

Surgical Extraction
Remove anything you don't want to deal with. For zero cost. Including fetch or dual lands. Throw them off balance.

Path to Exile
Easy creature removal. Also triggers Archive Trap

Trapmaker's Snare
Did I mention I like Archive Trap?

-Side Board

Ensnaring Bridge \ Supreme Verdict
For aggressive decks. Where as Ensnaring Bridge isn't as good for Token decks. Surpreme verdict can clear out that issue.

Nihil Spellbomb \ Leyline of the Void
For Graveyard decks.

Honestly this is mostly to protect from Blood Moon but can save you in many ways.

Ratchet Bomb
Token, Plainswalker, and Blood Moon protection.

Leyline of Sanctity
Like to see them burn players Writhe? Me to.

Tips you may hear going around the Mill

-Always cast your Hedron Crabs before you play your lands on second or third turn. This way if you get that second crab out. You will Mill 12 cards just by Fetching One Watery Grave.

-Against control. A good rule is to always use the cards you care about least. It's okay to lose your Fraying Sanity. There is devastating power to this deck If they let it go on long enough. Save your Visions of Beyond to turn the tides in this case.

-It's okay to feel the pain. In all reality this deck is a race. Don't fear using those fetch cards and taking the shock damage to do more Mill. Or even to take a couple hits with no blocks.

-Mission Briefing One reason I love this card so much. Is in the wording. You can use alternate cost from cards in the graveyard. For example. If the opponent uses a Fetch. You can use Archive Trap from your hand. Then tap two Mana and cast it a second time.

-If you have a Hedron Crab and a Oboro, Palace in the Clouds out. With no lands to play from your hand. Tap Oboro, Palace in the Clouds. Use that Mana to return it to your hand and play it. It does not come in tapped. So all you're doing is using that landfall.

-I can not stress enough to not use Visions of Beyond when you can't get three cards from it. This restocks half your hand and gives you complete opportunity to turn the tides.

Disclaimer This Deck upsets your opponents. Don't use if you have any humanity left.

Thank all of you so much for taking the time to read all of this. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. Oh, and throw me a upvote if you enjoy this deck.


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