This is my attempt at improving the C16 "Breed Lethality" deck, sticking with the theme of abusing counters for value. This is a midrange/aggro deck intended to grind out value over time with proliferate and various counters.

The main win condition is to grow one or more creatures large enough to sacrifice them to Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord and kill the table. Alternatively, combat damage should be relatively simple. As a backup, Altar of Dementia can be used if Jarad isn't available, and can potentially mill the table (I've done this using the first iteration, was unexpected).

To make creatures grow, I plan to use Reyhan, Last of the Abzan and sacrifice/recursion effects so that counters get moved rather than lost. In combination with doubling effects like Doubling Season, Corpsejack Menace, Primal Vigor, and Deepglow Skate this should quickly become obscene. Other helpful cards are those like Bloodspore Thrinax and Master Biomancer, adding counters when I re-cast a creature. These combined with token producers quickly make a giant threatening army.

I particularly like Hangarback Walker, Hooded Hydra, and Chasm Skulker, as they easily acquire counters, and produce token swarms when they die. This is a great form of resilience against board wipes, which is normally a weakness of a counters strategy that relies on creatures sitting on the board over several turns.

Multiple lines of play and a sacrifice/recursion subtheme lead to a very nonlinear deck, that can just as easily be played as straightforward aggro with giant creatures. Get ready to do a ton of math and use a ton of dice!

Current concerns - I may be going overboard on counters-based creatures (such as the Hydras) and skimping on board interaction. I have less removal and counterspell support than I'd prefer, and I'm concerned that this will negatively impact how the deck fares against heavily interactive decks. As an example, one of my main opponents plays an Oona deck with 17 counterspells - I need to ensure I have adequate support to actually play magic, and enough interaction to prevent him from exiling my entire library.


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