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It came from another World

Commander / EDH Colorless Eldrazi Tribal


Introduction: Before there was time, before there was anything... there was nothing.

And before there was nothing... there were monsters.

The deck: This deck is an Eldrazi tribal deck, commanded by the Eldrazi titan Kozilek, that wants to ramp with artifacts to big creatures with powerful keywords that will finish your opponents. Command the chaotic hordes of eldrazi and their brood, and annhilate your opponents.

Why is Kozilek the Commander? Kozilek, the great distortion is a powerful colorless commander because he can refill your hand when he comes into play, allowing us to have a lot of mana rocks in the deck. We can easily fill the board with ramp, and then cast kozilek and get a brand new hand. The counterspell ability is also extremely powerful, letting you discard cards to counter others spells is useful, specially since we do have at least one card of each CMC from 1 to 10.

The deck's weaknesses: Even with all the ramp, the deck is fairly slow, and suffers a lot against swarming, aggresive decks, like Krenko or Edgar. To help against this problem we have an extense array of boardwipes, but removal in general is scarce due to the colorless restriction. Our removal tends to be overcosted and not very efficient.

The deck's strenghts: Our creatures will most likely be the most powerful ones by far. Furthermore, most of our creatures have on cast triggers, or annihilator. If you manage to cast them succesfully you should be on your way to victory, due to their sheer powerlevel. The longer the game is, the more likely you are to win, thanks to those creatures.


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