Suprise and welcome to this strange one, it's a izzet style deck with a lot of creatures. Either kill your own stuff or take control of other people's creatures and use them as a blood offering. This is like my black and white terror deck but tastefully different.

Congrats if you get the deck name (Is it Izzet?)

Super mega win-con is drawing most of your deck. Then playing Dream Halls and discarding cards to play out Imminent Doom and Eye of the Storm then your Flameblade Adept, Cunning Survivor, and bring the whole house down. If you can't do it all in one pass or someone tries blowing up your stuff then use Disappearing Act to counter them or mostly to bounce Imminent Doom back to your hand.

P.S. i know Omniscience is incredible and would be better than almost any card in here and you can put it in yours if you want but I don't plan on putting it here


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