Hello team! This is my Reyhan last of abzan and ishai Ojutai dragonspeaker deck. The idea is go wide with tokens and either make them all big with counters and overwhelm the board or sac them for profits and aristocrat shenanigans and hopefully have reyhan out for a trip to value town.

I need your help with suggestions on cuts because I get too emotionaly attached to my cards and cant treat them objectively anymore..

My planned wincons are: flooding the board with tokens and making them all big. winning with sac shenannigans with aristocrats Winning with shaman's forgotten ways or winning with ishai being real big and hopefully find a wacky combo I havent forseen.

I usualy prefer being the big threat rather than have a bunch of answers.

Will gladly take suggestions for adds as well! havent figured out lands yet bare with me

I already own most of these cards except Yarok, Elenda, good fortune unicorn, Mazirek Kraul death priest,Shalai voice of hunger and a bunch of the lands..

Tahnks for reading I really do appreciate any sugestions!


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