Isao, burdened by the Kami War, sought peace in the forest. His peace would not last however, as it became more apparent Konda had to be stopped. Isao had heard whispers of an alliance between Toshiro and the Yamazaki brothers possibly forming. Not wanting to shed the blood of his former allies, Isao was hesitant, but he knew that Konda would destroy everything to hold on to his power. Isao decided to form his own allies and seek a union of forces with Toshiro and Yamazaki Brothers to fight against the tyranny of Lord Konda.

Kentaro, seeking Isao to bring him back to the fold, was given a choice to live and fight another day or die defending a madman. Kentaro was never one to back away from a fight, as he had never lost before. But upon learning of the alliance of former comrades, he gave second thought to his position to defend a Lord who only wanted power. Kentaro would join the fight against Konda in hopes of saving the honor of the samurai and his beloved world.


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