Okay my fellow planeswalkers. I need your help. Its cutting time, and I need 41 spells chopped out of this bad boy. BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING Sharazahd and Goblin Bookie have been okayd by my playgroup, since I actually own Sharazahd and have never got to use it. The concept is Iroas, God of Victory is the God of Victory. I want to be literal with it. Shut down my ability to lose either permanently with things like Platinum Angel and Phyrexian Unlife or have a instant save ready Angel of Grace Angel's Grace . Then set up a Win condition of which I have all the ones I figure I could get Chance Encounter Darksteel Reactor Near-Death Experience etc. And then while they do their thing and ways get set up for them to go off. We the players are stuck playing mini games and flipping coins until I win. Then presumably I become Iroas, God of Victory Archetype of Winning. Muahahahaha


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