Welcome to Iroas's fair and just land redistribution deck!

In order to get into the inspiration for this deck, a brief history lesson is in order:

During various revolutionary times during the 20th century, peasants in countries with large agricultural sectors would demand for land reforms from the landed elites who controlled and owned vast swaths of the land the peasants toiled on. The great majority of the wealth produced by the peasants went to the landed elites, with little left for the peasants beyond subsistence. As rebellions went under way over the course of the century, the demands for reforms would give rise to more radical demands such as land redistribution.

Boros, as we all know, is the color combination that represents revolutionary fervor and righteous zeal. It's pretty fitting that any deck that tries to encapsulate the feeling of the aforementioned history would feature this color combination!

On top of that, this deck is largely defined by 2 things: its interactions with lands and enchantments. It is an enchantments deck at heart with all the usual goodies (Serra's Sanctum, Replenish, Academy Rector, etc.), but it also has a few engines that feature discarding lands for effects and value. The best of these is Land Tax + Tectonic Reformation. Hence the title: God of Land Reform!

On the deck construction level, this is still a work in progress. There are many ways to build this deck outside of the core components: RW cycling, enchantments skewing red for more damage based effects, more stax elements... Please feel free to add suggestions!


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