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Insult to Injury (Artifacts)

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This is a playstyle I'm unfamiliar with, so please bear with me. It's intended to be faster (not necessarily the fastest), atleast compared to what I normally play.

I am aware of the lands not being done. Still ironing out the base of the deck, which is also why the "maybeboard" is a bit extensive

What It Does The staple is Pia's Revolution and to either exploit cards like Hangarback Walker without paying into them for the free trigger while also triggering Hidden Stockpile to create more fuel (not sure if the tokens for sure trigger, but I was thinking them more for an alternate win/defense) and to use with Shrapnel Blast to damage down my opponents. Athreos, God of Passage seemed like a fun little addition to make things worse while the modular mechanic with the Arcbound cards can make hangarback or ballista more of a threat if I'm able to pay into them and get a successful cast and potentially have a beast of a creature or a small army of thopters. I'm open to any suggestions.

Special thanks to Pia's Revolution Turn 3 Kill by 17narmanino for the exposure to not paying into "x" to gain a trigger. Also, Kjartan helped me out with this deck as well, which the input was invaluable due to my inexperience with this kind of deck.


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