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I've made several upgrades to make the deck run faster, though I am still constrained by the cards I have.

This deck is built for quick control, outplaying the opponent's every move. Lots of cheap instants throw the opponent off balance, with Syncopate, Electrickery and Searing Spear all benefiting greatly from the Goblin Electromancers.

Kill spells clear the opponent's board (Tragic Slip works wonders!), Syncopate counters any major cards the opponent tries to play, and the smaller creatures chip away at their life. With the amount of card draw I have, I can rapidly put instants into my hand so that I always have the card I need.

Win condition is a combination of 2/2 creatures and direct damage bringing down the opponent's life total while kill and counter spells keep them helpless. If the opponent somehow clings to life beyond the first 8 or so turns, I can drop either a massive Rakdos's Return, a Niv-Mizzet, a supercharged Niv-Magus Elemental, or several instants combined with a Guttersnipe.

As I said, I am somewhat constrained by what I have, so I need to track down another Syncopate, 2 more Guttersnipes, 1 or 2 more Niv-Magus Elementals, another Niv-Mizzet, and 2 burn lands to replace the guildgates. But overall, I'm quite happy with how it plays.


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I've decided to cut black. The deck now runs much faster but it's still missing something. I'll upload the new list soon.


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