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There are a ton of decks out there featuring Fraying Sanity, but I wanted to give it a try myself. I usually hate blue, but since I am returning to MTG since a long time (the last time I played Urza's Destiny was the last expansion) I wanted to try something new.

I tried this deck and of course normally stands no chance against a top standard deck, it is just too slow, but ton of fun (what is exactly that I am looking for). However, the wins I got was mostly because of Ipnu Rivulet to my surprise. How you may ask? For whatever reasons most of the players forget about the lands even if more than one Fraying Sanity is in play, and it is an ability much more difficult to counter or stop (but not impossible). Of course by no means this is a competitive deck.

I need some help with the sideboard though, the backup plan is to use Vizier of Tumbling Sands to untap Ipnu Rivulet and hit twice with it in the same turn (sacrificing Dunes of the Dead instead of Ipnu Rivulet). I am not sure if this could work.

Also, I found that Nimble Obstructionist was not very helpful most of the time, so a cheaper version could be made adding 2 more Storm Fleet Aerialist for example. And Finally, still not sure about Abandoned Sarcophagus + Censor , it seems to me that Censor is not a good counterspell at all, I am more inclined to add the additional 2 Spell Pierce instead, any opinions on this?

Other things I tried that didn't worked for me:

Cards to expect against this deck after sideboard: Sorcerous Spyglass, Appetite for the Unnatural and Lost Legacy, in those cases Spell Pierce is your friend!

Feedback is more than welcome.



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