Black-control deck, based upon fast oponent-discarding effects and subsequent heavy damage. Relies mostly on weak creatures that can be easily destroyed. Grows real fast if they arent.

The big start combo consist in Swamp + Dark Ritual + Needle Specter in the first turn; dropping Cathedral of War in the 2nd (wich boosts Needle Specter's discarding effect), or going Swamp again then Liliana's Caress, Hymn to Tourach or Ravenous Rats.

Along the mid game we can rely with Sign in Blood towards the opponent then Hymn to Tourach + any eventual creature drop to keep up the pace. We always have Fireshrieker and Umezawa's Jitte (the Jitte can especially enhance Needle Specter) to boost our already in-game combos. At that time we should be also able to drop some Liliana's Reaver to kill any undesirable opponent's creature and have ourselves some 2/2 zombie tokens.

To have the GG we have Suffer the Past as a finishing move.

For the sidedeck I tought of Swiftfoot Boots to protect and give haste to our creatures, Rain of Tears for land control, and Cry of Contrition as another alternative as a discarding source.


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