Both of Inniaz, the Gale Force's abilities appreciate having a quantity of flying creatures. However, turns out there's surprisingly few straightforward flying token makers in (what mainly comes to mind otherwise is Bitterblossom and Loyal Apprentice). For that reason, I've felt compelled to include a lifegain subtheme to make cards like Griffin Aerie work.

Donation shenanigans:

  • If you give Spirit Loop, it'll fall off and end up back in your hand
  • While it's kind of expensive, you can give away Inniaz herself, then jank her back with Sanctum of Eternity.
  • If you avoid messing with other people's creatures, you can use Homeward Path to get back ones you give away
  • On ETB, you can give Pendant of Prosperity to the person to your right, then have them donate it back
  • Dovescape & Grasp of Fate are controller-agnostic, so feel free to give them away

Elspeth, Knight-Errant's second ability can give out flying to her own tokens, a non-active Serra Ascendant, and grounded creatures you've gotten trough donations. Using it to give extra toughness for making a weenie survive combat or extra power for lifelink and/or commander damage isn't a bad idea either.

Inniaz, the Gale Force + Training Grounds gives you flying firebreathing for . The deck has a handful of other creatures that also benefit from the Grounds.

If you really want to you can pump attacking enemy fliers with Inniaz

Some Palinchron mana combos to close things out with Inniaz' pumping


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