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This is a commander deck built around Ink-Treader Nephilim , which is commonly allowed as a general through the house rule that my playgroup uses, stating that all creatures with four or more colors are legendary for the purposes of EDH. I am currently using this deck and appreciate all discussion of it.

The deck's strategy has a few elements, based around the fact that Ink-Treader Nephilim allows each instant or sorcery that targets a creature to bounce off of every creature on the board (a note: when I say "bounce off of" or "bounce around" in this description, I am referring to when a spell targeting Ink-Treader Nephilim is copied for each other creature on the board). To this end, the deck needs to be able to put a lot of creatures on the board. Mana creatures such as Utopia Tree fill this role very nicely, because they are cheap and allow the deck to cast more spells more quickly. Lands such as Khalni Garden , Kher Keep, and Springjack Pasture produce token bodies, and Forbidden Orchard is extra useful in that it fixes my mana base and produces tokens at no mana cost. The fact that the tokens are under my opponents' control doesn't matter when they are just another target for a copied spell.

As for the spells themselves, the deck gets mega-milage out of the fact that the caster of the original spell controls all the copies. This is best illustrated with spells that cantrip, such as Spiritualize . In addition to providing a useful effect, the fact that it cantrips means that I will draw a card for each creature it bounces off of. The fact that I can draw so many cards also allows this deck to make full use of Omniscience.

In the end, though, there needs to be a force to tip the scales in my favor. My personal favorites are Wild Defiance and Sigil Blessing , which can both blow up my creatures to huge proportions. Bounce around a Touch of Invisibility or Stun and none of them will be able to be blocked, and can take out three or more opponents at a time. Alternatively, Traitorous Instinct and friends, bounced around, give me control of the entire board, with a power boost to boot. That is usually strong enough to win games.

In terms of defense, one important measure in some situations is to give Ink-Treader Nephilim hexproof in order to keep opponents from abusing him. There are several equipments available for that purpose, although the best option is Elgaud Shieldmate .

The deck's biggest weakness is Board-wiping effects, as the deck wants for itself and opponents to have creatures in play. Cards such as Vicious Shadows, Withstand Death (bounced around), Dauntless Escort, Refresh , and Rootborn Defenses provide defense against board-wipe.


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