Mono black infect along with lots of sadistic things to use once you inevitably become the target of the game.

The artifacts are mostly to pump or protect. Plenty of creature kill and just a splash of hand destruction for when opponents go searching for answers to this deck's ridiculousness. Some tutors to get what you need and everything else is pretty much support.

If you become the target (for obvious reasons), Darksteel Plate and Lightning Greaves or Whispersilk Cloak on a Platinum Angel. Witchbane Orb also has a nice effect. Just an FYI, Phage the Untouchable with any of the above attachments is pretty sick too ;)

This used to be a strictly infect deck. Meaning, there were very little creatures or other cards in this deck that did not contribute to infect in some way. I have adjusted this some, taking into consideration some value (in my opinion) mono-black EDH cards such as: Phyrexian Obliterator, Royal Assassin, Phage the Untouchable , etc...

Thoughts, suggestions, comments? Would appreciate a little input so I can figure out if I'm on the right track here. This was my first attempt at an EDH deck. Thanks everyone!

Oh and you can always switch out Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon for Mikaeus, the Unhallowed as your commander. Infect with undying is pretty sick and no one will see it coming beforehand.

Link to my (what was once) standard (now modern) Infuct deck.

My other EDH deck can be viewed here: Ad Nauseam EDH


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