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Infinite untap combo deck Please help




The deck will work off of the prime combo of gilder bairn, paradise mantle and training grounds. Combine the prime combo with other cards for hysterical effect.

Prime combo+sage of hours=infinite turns (time)

Callow jushi=infinite counter spell (reality)

Vitaspore thallid=infinite tokens (soul)

Gemstone array for infinite mana(power)

Arcane spyglass=infinite draw(mind)

Lux cannon=infinite(over time) spot removal (space)

And as out infinity gauntlet use ether darksteel reactor or jinxed choker (or any number of other cards I haven't added) to just win.

The problem is I don't actually have any cards to play around and play test at all much less these so this is more a pile of ideas then an actual deck list, I'm looking for help refining it into 1 or more deck lists starting in the lower price range (as I will be ordering this once finished to play at fnm) and then working up to what I hope to be a pretty solid fnm combo deck as I put more money into it.

Only one card in the deck is over $10 and that's training grounds at 15. The arcane are more for callow jushi than anything else. Ideas? Recommendations?

I am thinking that I might scrap callow jushi as much as I love him and the arcane for some more stall/control


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