Hi guys!

So i had this idea of a combo deck for modern base on mana combo and walking Ballista.With some luck, this deck can with on turn 2 with the basic idea of the deck :

T1 : Drop a Breeding Pool and an Arbor Elf. T2 : Drop a forest or another breeding pool, enchant Breeding Pool with Utopia Sprawl.
Tap for 2 blue mana, untap with arbor elf, tap for 2 blue mana, enchant with elf with Freed from the Real, untap it using the leftover mana.
You now have infinite blue and/or green mana.
Now you can end the game with Walking Ballista.

Apart from this combo, the deck offers other way to win the game.

Umbral Mantle + Training Grounds + Arbor Elf provide an 99/99 creature, infinite mana if you have Utopia Sprawl

Umbral Mantle + Overgrowth + Arbor Elf also provide an 99/99 creature.

You can draw your entire library with infinite mana with Staff of Domination or Enclave Cryptologist + Umbral Mantle.

And since all key pieces are either 1 or 3 CMC, you fetch them with transmute with Dizzy Spell or Drift of Phantasms

Walking Ballista + Training Grounds ain't so bad either when you can't ramp up to infinite but have some leftover mana and want to shoot stuff.

So far so great, but here is the issue I had with the deck so far :

  1. My arbor elf kept on dying (thanks to thunder bolt, path to exile etc.)

  2. Lack of consistency (not enough land in opening hand, no creatures in hands).

Can you guys help me out on this one?

How can we improve this deck to make it competitive (i hope).

More counterspell and instant speed draw card?

Go 3 color like G-B-U for thoughseize and even more control? (Utopia Sprawl can fix when you either have Breeding Pool or Overgrown Tomb, but you'll have infinite G/B mana instead of blue with Freed from the Real).

Just add more untap land creature and some hexproof stuff?

Give your idea and best card for this deck (budget if possible), have fun trying it too!




GabeCubed says... #1

I suggest more can trips, in this case more Serum Visions, and some amount of Sleight of Hand. Ancient Stirrings could help, a bit.

In addition, Disrupting Shoal (might not have enough blue) and Remand can help with more counters.

Peek will give you an idea when to combo.

Having a plan B is also a decent idea. Some big creatures, or beaters, or a second combo (like Pili-Pala and Grand Architect) are all decent ideas.

Hope that helps.

April 19, 2017 10:40 p.m.

xyr0s says... #2

I think you could try with Blossoming Defense, as it works both against targetted removal and pyroclasm. Besides, A full set of Serum Visions is probably better than Enclave Cryptologist and Think Twice, because you get to dig deeper faster, and for less mana (you pay 3 mana to loot the first card with cryptologist - you get to dig 3 cards for 1 mana with SV, meaning that cryptologist catches up after 3 turns). That does remove the cryptologist combo, but that one already relied on infinite mana from other combo pieces.

dunno if you need the full set of Spell Pierce. It's good in the early game, but the longer the game goes, the less relevant it becomes (turn 3 Lightning Bolt still gets to remove your Arbor Elf). Maybe cut 2 of them for Blossoming Defense?

April 20, 2017 3:32 a.m.

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