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Infinite Golem Drive




A deck built around copying Precursor Golem for fun and profit.

1 copying spell + Precursor Golem = 2x Precursor Golem and 6 golem tokens.

2 copying spells + Precursor Golem = 6x Precursor Golem and 30 golem tokens.

3 copying spells + Precursor Golem = 42x Precursor Golem and 282 golem tokens.

Rite of Replication + Precursor Golem = 6x Precursor Golem and 22 golem tokens.

2x Rite of Replication + Precursor Golem = (approximately) 4050000 golems.

Master Transmuter and Everflowing Chalice help me get my golem out faster.

Thirst for Knowledge and Compulsive Research help me dig for my golem.

Unnatural Speed gives all my golems haste.

Negate and Swan Song protect my golems from very stupid things like Lightning Bolt.



IAmABoss says... #1

My friend made a deck like this, only it was G/U, played Echoing Courage , ramp, Ranger's Guile and Phyrexian Metamorph . It seems to be a little more consistent, but I think Rite of Replication is a lot funnier. I almost think that you can take out the red in this deck because the only spell you are playing that is red is Unnatural Speed . Master Transmuter is weird because T5, Precursor Golem comes down anyway. Green for ramp seems more consistent and reliable. I like the cheap counter spells that can save your Golems. +1 Upvote.

August 19, 2014 4:07 p.m.

None says... #2

Master Transmuter is for versatility, since I can bounce my Precursor Golem with her on the field, and she also lets me cast Precursor Golem with 1 blue mana, which lets me get a copying spell or two in on the same turn, and saves mana for my counterspells. The red doesn't interfere much with my manabase, and lets me win one turn sooner sometimes, which is why I keep it in.

I had more artifact ramp in here before, but found that I wasn't drawing into the cards I needed enough of the time, so I switched them to blue card draw, which made my deck slower but overall more consistent. Thank you for your suggestions though.

August 19, 2014 4:54 p.m.

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