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Infinite Damage! Or "How to be a prick!"

Modern* Aggro Budget Casual Combo RGW (Naya) Tokens




Here we have a Red/Green/White token where we abuse spawning in infinite tokens. This initial idea was inspired by 'Budget MTG Decks, 5 infinite token combos you won't believe are budget'

Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06XD0tUGUnI

The combo is this;once you hit 3 mana,ideally at least 1 white,1 green,and 1 generic,you're gonna want to summon Midnight Guard. He has a passive ability of whenever a creature enters the battlefield,he untaps. Next turn you're gonna enchant him with Presence of Gond.That enchantment has the effect that when you tap that creature you summon a 1/1 Elf Warrior token. You just keep tapping Midnight Guard for Elves,and you can do that at infinite. Adding in Essence Warden helps as her ability is whenever a creature enters the battlefield you gain 1 life. Then you can either swing with millions of Elves or use Last-Ditch Effort to just kill all opponents. By adding in Bow of Nylea now your million elves have deathtouch purely for giggle factor. With infinite life gain you stop Grapeshot competitive decks if you can get it off quick enough. By having 4 Evolving Wilds we have a way to get the mana we need and keep our deck constantly moving to increase the chance of everything working in your favor.

Although the initial idea is theirs,everything beyond that is my idea.

This is one of my first ideas for a deck so please tell me if there's anything I can improve on

I didn't make this for tournaments,this is really for friends and showing off at your local card show. To make it legal I'd add in some black land and put something in like Kalitas,Traitor of Ghet,or some Mortician Beetle just to be cheeky, and for Pyroblast add some blue making it a 5 color deck and put down Iridescent Angel for blue protection,because even if you can't use Last-Ditch Effort to sacrifice you can just swing with 1,000,000,000 elves


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