How will I win? Steal all your permanents? Heal to a million and generate 200,000 beasts? Or destroy all your lands?

Can achieve infinite mana either by using Zealous Conscripts and Deadeye Navigator with either a Gilded Lotus or a land enchanted with 2 Verdant Haven.

With infinite mana can easily win - blink conscripts to gain all my opponent's stuff every turn (including lands), or blink an Acidic Slime to destroy all their lands, or the Thragtusk forever....All gg.

There should be an excessive amount of ramp and chump blocking to get me into late game where I'd thrive.


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5 rounds

This deck is not a good pick for my meta game. Too many people here run fast aggro with 4 Rancors. Fog Bank does not do well against trample creatures.
The Tree of Redemption was only guy that helped me live long enough to get my combos off. I went 3-2 (really 2-2 and a bye) and barely made top 8. I got mana screwed so many games...unbelievable with all the mana searching....

The Garruk Relentless was a great add. The Cackling Counterpart did its job well. The new Izzet Charms were good.

But all in all, deck needs something. Maybe Hover Barrier. I need defenders I can afford to block with. A 0/2 or 0/3 doesn't live through much.

I'd add a 3rd or 4th tree too, great card. I had 2 out and cloned (via cackling) it for 3 out lol.

My losses are boiled down to mana flood, mana short (usually the case), or Rancor.

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