I made this deck on MTGArena. It has netted me a ton of wins and it always goes off with a bang! STYLING Honestly give this a go!

The play goes like this: You play early game to get damage where you can from your creatures, sometimes you don't block just because you can then attack and deal a ton of damage with a nice thud, it is a bit risky this way. Shock, Lightning Strike, Murder are good for clearing up the board, rarely used for extra damage. hired poisonor is a great blocker and hardly gets blocked for a bit of early game trading, it all adds up. Goblin Instigator makes a board for blocking aggro, as does Raptor Hatchling, which is quite annoying.Viashino Pyromancer gives a little bit of damage and another blocker, I have found this 2 damage can make a lot of difference.

So you do all that just to survive and get a bit of damage on them. Then you explode with Yargle, Glutton of Urborg and Thud.

I have literally done Inferno Hellion, pass, Gravitic Punch, pass, Gravitic Punch with jumpstart, Thud. IT IS SO DUMB. I was basically losing a match until I pulled this off, I was using all my creatures and small burn to control the board as best I could, but was getting beat up. This is the miracle I play for right here.

Another great line is T1: Hired Poisoner, T2: Viashino Pyromancer for 2, swing Hired Poisoner for 1, T3: Risk Factor they take 4, T4: Risk Factor, they take 4. T5: Yargle, Glutton of Urborg pass, T6: Thud Yargle for 9!


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