Aggressively dig through our deck with wheels Reforge the Soul and looting Deal Broker to find and combine slow damage outlets like Fate Unraveler and demon combat damage Demon of Catastrophes to win.

  • Rakdos, the Showstopper leads because he is repeatable control from the command zone, lends us a fun tribal focus, and is a beast in his own right.

  • Rakdos, Lord of Riots and Rakdos the Defiler are good options to lead here too but I love the new coin-flipping version. Despite the abundance of tutors prevalent in EDH I have always enjoyed the “chance” bit of MTG where you find an answer or succumb. Plus the tension on opponent's faces to see if their creature is destroyed amuses me :)

  • Early game: rummage/loot Rummaging Goblin to find lands, ramp Rakdos Cluestone, removal Bedevil and reanimation Animate Dead while binning our demons Kothophed, Soul Hoarder or anything not needed at the time.

  • Mid game: do the opposite of early game. Hopefully we have 2-3 mana rocks, 1-2 demons, a draw-damage outlet and we can begin wheeling while reanimating demons Shadowborn Demon to control the board. Ideally we can wheel a couple times to throw our opponent's plans off.

  • Late game: more of the same to keep finding threats while binning irrelevant pieces. A key will be using Dragon Mage, co. intelligently because we may not want to refill an opponent's empty hand late-game, unless multiple draw/discard damage outlets Underworld Dreams are present.

  • While the "damage our opponents" package like Spiteful Visions can draw us hate early on they have performed better than I thought they would. The damage can add up quickly and usually there are even bigger targets like Rhystic Study or Smothering Tithe that people destroy before ours. It is best to drop one and wheel immediately for value.

  • I am still trying to figure out if our “More” package is worth it or not. They have stolen me a win before but I wonder if I should add more Demons / Devils instead. I would like to find room for Mayhem Devil what with all of the sacrifice effects in a typical match. More playing will answer this musing but thoughts are welcome.

  • Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Jaya Ballard might normally be hard to cast with x3 but I have never had issue doing so and they add flexibility and longevity to our game-plan.

  • Trying out Relentless Assault over Flameshadow Conjuring / Panharmonicon to see if having an extra combat step will be better than an extra token copy or trigger since our Demons hit like trucks.

Thoughts to improve are welcome and appreciated!


Updates Add

Overall the combination of draw-damage, beefy demons, and reanimating threats has been working really well with my not even needing to cast Rakdos some matches.

Mirror March in for Voyager Staff because we are already running a coin-flipping commander and the ceiling is so HIGH that in my opinion it is worth the gimmick.

Jaya Ballard in for Wretched Confluence because I wanted another discard outlet, her ramp +1 works with 1/5 of our spells, and her Emblem is nice value late game to re-cast something we need like Mutilate or Winds of Change.

Mutilate in for Firemind Vessel because of the previous change I had an extra Ramp slot but missing an Interaction and often I have 1-2+ large demons but am facing boards of smaller creatures.

Mountain in for Swamp because our above changes shifted our color ratios.


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