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Indestructible Budget Deck




Deck's based off of using the indestructible traits to your advantage. Basically stall and be defensive (Blocking with everything other than Darksteel Juggernaut) Until you can get Wordslayer online and make your opponent have no fighting potential. The biggest problem with this deck is that the smallest creature is a 2-drop (but luckily it has a revival, and you could potentially give it darksteel mutation if you want to be fully indestructible), so you might have to take 3-5 damage in the first part of the game. There are 2 combos you can do.You can use Pariah's Shield with Stuffy Doll, and at that point your opponent can't attack you unless they're suicidal.On the other hand you could combo Worldslayer off of any of the indestructible creatures so that your opponent is helpless. If anyone has any recommendations to make Pariah's Shield indestructible feel free, or any recommendations really.



Redace878 says... #1

I would reccomend Cascading Cataracts.

April 21, 2017 1:25 p.m.

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