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Other than usual Inalla builds, this deck centers around Arcane Adaptation and similar effects. Change everything to fit wizards and copy everything that enters the battlefield. The deck plays more similar to Roon of the Hidden Realm as it would be to classical Inalla, Archmage Ritualist decks, with a lot of flickering and bouncing. It utilizes and abuses A LOT of interactions you have to think hard about, and I have never seen an Inalla deck like this before (well, by this time there are some, but this was one of the first). Inalla forces you to play off-curve by an additional to use her most efficiently - don't shy away from a little heat at first.

You should have a good grasp on how the stack works and how to abuse it to pilot this deck successfully. It isn't easy, but I like a challenge and learn more and more even as an experienced player =)

The most basic combination is an exiling of creatures. Take Faceless Butcher (and similars): Exile the target of an ETB creature - most likely one of your creatures. Create a copy of Faceless Butcher since he will be wizard. Exile the original Faceless Butcher with the copy and have the enter-the-battlefield effect of the creature. End of turn the copy dies and gives back the original Faceless Butcher. Rinse and repeat each turn including your opponents turns, this costs you 1 mana to do over and over again. They are excellent blockers that are expendable. OF CAUSE there are doublers and shenanigans. And of cause this is the direction I want to take the deck more and more. =)

+1 if you like and be sure to leave comments and suggestions; I'm not trying to make this hyper-competitive, but whatever improves the fun. =)


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I always wanted Inalla to be something different away from all the same combos and tricks you'd see and I deconstructed my Roon of the Hidden Realm because this played very similar - or: At least I wanted it to play similar. Therefore I took the necessary steps warranting an Update. Thank you all! =)


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