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I've seen a few variations of this deck that run a lot of the same cards, generally just called "UR (x)" where X is just one of the 3 creatures the deck is centered around. Most variants seem to opt for dive down and the only green present is Mutagenic Growth. The green is ommited I presume either for landbase reasons or to support cards like Blood Moon in the side. Personally I would rather run Temur, Blossoming Defense seems far superior to dive down and allows for a more diverse side board, with cards like Obstinate Baloth and Vines of Vastwood

The addition of more of a Green commitment allows for a little extra protection, while not necessarily taking away from the decks all-in playstyle. Blossoming Defense fits perfectly into the deck, both protecting your creatures as intended but also buffing for the horrific damage you want to try and deal early. A turn 2 Kiln Fiend should ideally be a turn 3 kill, provided you have access to Temur Battle Rage, Growth/Defense, and any additional spell to cast.

Since the deck can be a bit of a glass canon, albeit a very fast one, decks with minimal interaction are the ideal matchup. Decks that run high amounts of removal are going to be problematic, so a high amount of diverse protection is important for the side board. Decks with high creature presence on the other hand may require you to rely on Enigma Drake or Thing in the Ice   over your fiends.

All totaled, is the deck super good? Probably not. Is it fun to play? Absofruitely. Does it feel good to dome someone for an absurd amount of damage turn 3 with a seemingly harmless Kiln Fiend? You better believe it.


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