Finally, the worlds will serve their true purpose. Through Animar -once an eternal lifebringer- the creation will disapear. Forgot your fool gods. Forgot your hope. There's nothing to fear, nothing to fight against. Just give your last breath to oblivion.


I fond of roleplaying and decks with a lore, a real flavor. I love Eldrazi aaannnddd wanted to make a commander Eldrazi deck. Then, I had to find a lore to my deck. I've chosen the following one: Animar, Soul of Elements has been corrupted by the Eldrazi and lead the swarms in every planes to consume them. If no one stop Animar, nothing will remain. But... maybe Animar has just seen the truth... Maybe the Eldrazi are actualy the real shapers of creation... Who know?

Main mechanic of this deck

Well, it's a classic Animar deck around eldrazi. You will have to play Animar in the early game and play creatures spells. Combined with other ramp cards like Sol Ring, Thrann Dinamo, etc, you'll be able to play expansive eldrazi cards very quickly. I don't think there's something special to say about it, I'll try to make a better description in the future.

Maybe could we make a Commander Archenemy?

I wonder if an archenemy would be good with EDH decks. However, if someone is interested in it, don't hesitate! Anything would work because every planes are threatened by the eldrazi but the deck has to have a lore.

The End

Let me know if you liked this. Suggestions, advice and insults are accepted and highly appreciated.

Have a great time!

PS: 1) if my english is not perfect, I'm sorry. I'd like to use a "better" english to write the lore of the deck.

2) I know Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is illegal in EDH but eh... I don't even give a There's no serious tournaments in this format (multiplayer ofc and at least in my country), and I see no reason why there should be a banlist if it is basically a fun format but whatever.


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