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In Defense of the Foggy Mills

Standard G/U (Simic) GWU (Bant) Mill TurboFog



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This is a renewal of my Draw-Mill deck from the last standard block. This time with a completely different direction. Defense/Mill.

Axebane Guardian is in for Manaramp/Fixing and Powered-up X mills.

Doorkeeper is the main wincon. Get Defenders on the field and mill.

Jace, Memory Adept Fits well into the mill plan. Mills for 10 the first turn and with all of the defenders he will likely take over the game

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Gives us Card Draw and allows us to tap down giant creatures.

Cackling Counterpart Is to make Druid's Deliverance a bit better. Plus it's very versatile. i can get one of my opponents large threats, or i can copy an axebane guardian/doorkeeper for more mill/mana.


Rest in Peace stops every graveyard deck

Detention Sphere Will be great against tokens

Pithing Needle Good against enemy PWs and annoying artifacts etc.

Witchbane Orb My only defense against burn unless i put in Palisade Giant

Negate can be swapped out for something. But it can be good against some things.

The rest of the deck is fairly self-explanatory. Get my defenders out and mill away.


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