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This is my current Standard deck. It needs a lot of work.

Suggestions are extremely welcome.

Like most treasure decks, the idea is to make Treasure tokens; however, for this deck, I am also using Improvise as it's core strategy.

Treasures can be a little slow, so I have to be a bit careful setting-up.

I don't have a lot of options Turn 1. Opt, Duress, and Fatal Push are about it. I might add Spell Pierce because I'm lacking in counterspells.

Hoarders and Barriers get my Treasures started on Turn 2, while the Kingpins and Maps  Flip will let me filter the top of my library.

In a pinch, Moment of Craving or Negate can deal with early obstacles.

Inspiring Statuary gives my non-artifact spells Improvise, essentially allowing me to use my treasures without sacrificing them.

Ruthless Knave allows me to sacrifice Hoarders and Barriers to make 3 Treasures, and it can also sacrifice Treasures after I've tapped them for Improvise to draw cards.

Supernatural Stamina allows my Hoarders and Barriers, and sometimes even Takers, to come back after dying.

Removal includes Fatal Push, Hostage Taker, Moment of Craving, (mentioned above) and Vraska's Contempt. The only counterspells in the deck right now are a Negate, a Metallic Rebuke, and a Spell Swindle .

Plunderers can get big with artifacts and make more treasures. They're usually at least 5/5 when I drop them.

Vraska, Relic Seeker can make Pirate tokens and eventually set your opponent's life to 1. If I have to, I can use her for removal and make a Treasure.

Torment of Hailfire can utilize the ramp from my Treasures and other artifacts to blast opponent away.

So that's pretty much it right now. I know it definitely needs more first turn options, as well as more control spells to survive the mid-game. But I'm really not sure where to take it from here.


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