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I'm Hellbent On Making This Work (Challenge)



Hey and welcome to The Mad Shaman's Brewery.

Today, I've got a treat. I was challenged to build around one of magic's worst cards.

One with Nothing, after all this time, you've found a home.

This deck is based around getting to no cards in hand and playing deadly off of that.

That said, while I was in Brainstorm mode, I found a neat little keyword called Hellbent that triggers when you have no cards in hand.

Well that's perfect I said.

So the less cards you have in hand, the better.

The Challenge

  1. One with Nothing must benefit the deck.

  2. No grave recursion.

  3. Must actually be functional.

  4. Must be under 35 bucks.

  5. No Madness

So I really had my work cut out for me here.

You Wish To Assist The Shaman?

Please, by all means. Just keep the challenge rules in mind, and dont be a jerk about it.


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