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Modern Combo W/B (Orzhov)


Dooom dooooom DOOOOOOOOOM!

Pretty simple combo deck but also versatile, curve up with humans to drop Ravenous Demon  Flip on turn 5 and hopefully win shortly after. The beautiful thing about this deck however is that it does not need that combo to win, if the combo does not go off this deck plays like a slightly altered human weenie deck with a backup backup plan of Skirsdag High Priest which if it does not help win the game will at least soak up removal and help me with my bigger threat, the demon.

Sideboard is set to deal with Swords, tokens, curse and or heartless summoning, three tribes other then humans, and graveyard based decks so I can at least have a chance against anything that comes my way.


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Many many suggestions and I have fine tuned the deck to this. Still a bit of tweaking and testing Skirsdag Flayer looks like a good fit for this but Im not sure about that over GFTT. Otherwise a hopefully competitive deck has been born.

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