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I'm Bleeding, Making Me the Victor

Modern Aggro Budget Competitive Four Color Theme/Gimmick Zoo



Face to foot style, how do you like it?

enter image description here

Death's Domain Zoo, duh

Fetch lands? I like taking damage, it means I'm winning more.

Lightning Bolt? 12 more damage! Are you ready to concede yet?

Shock lands, 12 damage to me? I hope you're prepared.

Street Wraith , losing 2 life every time I cycle?

Mutagenic Growth?? How about my face to foot style?

Tribal Flames ? 20 damage to me, and I'm soon to retire undefeated.

Look at that, over 40 damage to me, making me not only victor this round but the following one. You may as well drop from any tournament. The odds are against you, friend.enter image description here

The weaker we are, the stronger Death's Shadow becomes. We have a 3/3 at 10 life, and it just gets larger from there.

I've piloted Death's Shadow in an absolute myriad of archetypes, beginning with Grixis at the height of its hype, moving onto 5 Colours, dropping to Jund Aggro with a splash of White in the side. It's taken a variety of delve, aggro and control to come to the conclusion that I do very much prefer the presence that aggro shells possess.

With that in mind, I've dialed this build back to one of Death's Shadow's earliest competitive builds - Zoo.

Wild Nacatl and Monastery Swiftspear offer a very needed early turn presence to jam hits in.

Since we're running Zoo, there's been a considerable surplus of pump spells. Mutagenic Growth not only enables Death's Shadow, but makes it or something else on board stronger. Boros Charm deals a beefy 4 or protects our creatures and Atarka's Command deals 3 and pumps our team for cheap.

But the real meat of our spells lies within a newer inclusion to this deck, but an older mechanic - Domain. It improves certain spells based on the number of land types we control. So we're jamming them all! This drastically increases the potency of Might of Alara which now becomes a one-mana "give something +5/+5" or Tribal Flames which is now a deadly two-mana deal 5 damage.

enter image description hereLiliana of the Veil - Only does everything

Grim Lavamancer - optional way to deal direct damage and get past blockers.

Rest in Peace - perfect vs any GY heavy deck, or mirror matchups.

Stony Silence - shuts off artifact based decks

Dismember - Powerful removal, works synonymously with Death's Shadow.

Fatal Push - Backup spot removal

Swamp - Basic Land additon for nonbasic hate.

Lingering Souls - Insane Value. 4 Spirits spread out across two turns, or have it accelerated with a Collective Brutality?

Liliana, the Last Hope - Efficient creature removal and self-mill for Tarmogoyf.

Collective Brutality - terrific modal spell that can mini-duress, drain, or spot removes a large portion of creatures.

Kolaghan's Command - Utility Spell that let's us regrowth creatures, and force discard.

If I could stream it, I would.

Please, eat your feelings away with these wonderful slices of avocado toast!enter image description here


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After testing and fussing over so many different archetypes, I've decided to go back in time to one of Death's Shadow's roots - Zoo. This hyperaggro variant may actually hold some weight in the current meta.

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