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Have you ever wondered how a dog can realistically use a sword in battle? Have you found yourself lying awake at night, desperately questioning how canines can properly move in heavy metal plating? Well, dear reader, you are in luck! For the low, low price of 50 of your earth dollars, you too can have these questions answered!

With your very own Isamaru, Hound of Konda, you can join those amazing illegal, underground dogfighting rings you've heard so much about! Catch the attention of desirable women as your sword-wielding death-machine drenches himself in the bloody entrails of your opponents! Roll in the cash by engaging in family-friendly mugging and gambling, waylaying passers-by with your gore-soaked canine pal! Feeling dangerous and/or mentally compromised? Toss in an Eldrazi Conscription and bring your reality-warping tentacled monstrosity to every social outing! It's just not fun until the Elder Doge ushers in a second darkness!

Illegal Dogfighting

For those who ask the important questions


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